Palax D360

The original Palax KS35 was one of the all-time customer favourites. The successor to this bestseller, the new generation Palax D360, focuses on practicality and technical features, without compromising on the impressive design.


The Palax D360 is more powerful and quicker to use. The reliable log clamp has reached a new level of functionality, and the adjustable wood stop has also been improved. The safety net cover has been redesigned to increase visibility to the splitting chamber. With a 20% larger oil volume, the D360 has significantly decreased oil temperature which is of particular benefit during the hard-working summer months.

The Palax D360 is an excellent choice for firewood processing, especially when the diameter of the logs varies. It has been equipped with a 15" chainsaw, which enables logs up to 36cm in diameter to be cut. The chainsaw's automatic oiler lubricates the blade evenly during sawing.


Additionally, the machine is equipped with a rapid motion valve which helps split small logs quickly and slows down the bigger logs only during the initial splitting phase when more force is required.

The debris grate in the splitting chamber removes debris created from splitting, resulting in clean and easy to dry logs. If you are looking for an all-purpose machine intended for hard work, this is the one and it comes as a compact package that is more efficient than ever.

Palax D360 Specifications

standard splitting wedge 2/4

Joystick Pro/Pro+

optional splitting

wedge 2/6

splitting force 

6/9 ton

sawbar 15"

conveyor 4.3m

max. diameter 36cm

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