Palax C700 Combi

The new updated model, Palax C700 Combi, is able to process firewood from logs of up to 25cm in diameter.

The 4.3m long, folding and swinging discharge conveyor with two chains enables the firewood to be dropped where you choose.

The high speed valve regulates the splitting speed and the automatic tightening of the V-belts increases their durability, making the C700 Combi both fast and efficient. The machine is also equipped with a tipping, spring-suspended crosscut deck. Thanks to its quick-release feature, the splitting wedge is easy to replace.


The power source of the machine can be selected either as a tractor, a combustion engine or an electric motor, to suit customer specification.


You also have an additional option of making the C700 Combi road-towable at an extra charge.

Palax C700 Combi Specifications

standard splitting wedge 2/4

hard metal blade 700mm

optional splitting

wedge 2/0 and 2/6

weight 660/720/710kg

conveyor 4.3m

max. diameter 25cm

cutting length


splitting force 3.5/5.6 ton

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