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Caledonian Forestry Services Ltd are proud importers for Palax machines in the UK, and have been for a number of years. We provide excellent customer service in advising you of the most beneficial machine for your processing needs as well as a specialist after-care service.

Palax's dedicated focus is on the designing, manufacturing and development of Firewood Processors. Having recently launched an exciting new range of Firewood Processors, Palax are at the forefront in terms of innovation and reliability.

Palax Optimi System


The patented Palax Optimi System makes it possible to change the stroke length of the splitting cylinder.

Power Speed Cylinder

This feature dramatically increases the speed of the splitting operation as the cylinder will automatically generate the optimal speed and force required depending on the size of the log to be processed.

 Tightening of


The automatic tightening of V-belts reduces the strain on the transmission and greatly extends the service life of the belts.

Firewood Processors with a Circular Saw

The renewed range of Firewood Processors with a circular saw offer numerous benefits including: speed, low maintenance and generating minimal sawdust.

The hard-metal Tungsten tip blade ensures durability, whilst cutting the log quickly

and consistently.


 As the smallest machine in the range, the 55T is compact and robust. It is ideal for smaller, effortless firewood processing. 

Palax C700 Combi

C700 Combi

This bestseller is fast, easy-to-use and versatile for all general firewood processing.

Palax C750


 With its 750mm hard-metal blade, the C750 is one of the fastest and most powerful Firewood Processors on the market. 

Palax C900


The splitting operation of the C900 is superiorly fast and accurate as it's controlled by the automated Palax Optimi System.

Palax C1000


The C1000 is one of the most productive and efficient machines for tough, professional processing of larger logs.

Firewood Processors with a Chain Saw

These Firewood Processors equipped with a chain saw offer a greater cutting diameter and are the very best for professional use when the diameter of the logs vary.

Palax D270 Active

D270 Active

The smallest member of the renewed Palax chain saw range makes processing firewood effortless and fast, at a competitive price.

Palax D360


The TheThe DAs one of the best sellers in the range, the D360 is a great choice, especially when the diameter of logs varies a great deal.

D550 Titan

WithThe This This impressive processor comes is specifically designed for processing hard woods and logs of varied diameter.

Palax KS40


TheTheTheThe KS40 is a powerful and easy-to-operate Firewood Processor.

Palax KS45S


The KS45S brings high capacThe KS45S brings high capacity, speed and sheer force to the processing of firewood.

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