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The multi-talent in forest technology

Caledonian Forestry Services Ltd have been the sole importer of

all Kesla forestry machinery in the UK for over 25 years.


Our managing director introduced Kesla products to the UK back in 1991 and has since then grown a strong reputation for their machinery in this country. 

This reputation has been maintained thanks to the dedication of our engineering team and the committed after care we’ve provided over the years.

Kesla, timber trailers, forestry crane, official kesla dealers, driving timber trailers, forestry machinery , caledonian forestry,
Kesla, timber trailers, kesla timber trailers, official kesla dealers, driving timber trailers, forestry machinery
A customer's Kesla 122ND trailer & 304 loader,  with and without the trailer extension in use. 

Caledonian Forestry's engineers are kept up to date with the latest technologies & innovations, guaranteeing our customers have the right equipment - fitted by trained Kesla professionals every time.

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Kesla Harvesting Heads
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Kesla's comprehensive range of roller and stroke harvesting heads is one of the most competitive on the market today. Their lightweight yet sturdy construction provides exceptionally powerful feeding and sawing forces.


Our highly experienced engineers can fit your harvesting head to any excavator or tractor, as long as there is the necessary flows and pressure.

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Kesla Loaders

Kesla loaders are designed for efficiency and usability as well as working safety.


Each loader is a combination of solid strength, reach and agility. 


In practice, this is demonstrated in the precision, comfort and power of the working loader.  


Kesla, chipper, biomass chipper, kesla C645 chipper, wood chipper
Kesla Chippers

Wood is the foundation of renewable energy production and its use as a source of energy is in rapid growth.

Efficient professional chipping requires flexibility – you can select your KESLA chipper from their wide model range, either as a trailer or a truck-mounted model.

The quality provided by Kesla and Caledonian Forestry will guarantee that your chipper will be durable and reliable even in the most demanding conditions!

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Kesla Timber Trailers

Kesla has an extensive selection of timber trailers; there are 15 models available from 8-12 tonne net loadings and genuine load-carrying capacity in all conditions.


The wide-motion tandem axle, single-beam frame and diverse tyre selection provide excellent handling characteristics; even in the most extreme climatic and operational conditions.

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Kesla Grapples

The Kesla Pro G range of grapples are perfect for the movement of timber.The grapple jaw geometry is designed to collect a full load of timber, keeping the log straight and allowing the timber to be piled easily. 


The EX range are made for heavy excavator use. Due to their optimized jaw geometry, hearty slewing force and precise proportional control, the EX series grapples are efficient instruments for handling all timber.

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Another example of the high quality fitting & attention to detail you can expect when you buy your forest machine from Caledonian Forestry Services.

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Caledonian Forestry, timber truck,
Caledonian Forestry, Kesla
Kesla, Independent truck loader
Kesla, Caledonian Forestry
Low ground preassure timber truck,
Kesla, Caledonian Forestry
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Kesla, Caledonian Forestry Services
Kesla, Caledonian Forestry

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High quality suppliers of timber trailers, harvesting heads, forestry loaders, truck loaders, firewood processors and spare parts.

Manufacturing tailored solutions for all our customers' forestry needs.

Caledonian Forestry Services Ltd  |  West Third, Tullibardine, Auchterarder, PH3 1NJ  |  Tel: 01764 663798  |  Email: 


High quality suppliers of timber trailers, harvesting heads, forestry loaders, truck loaders, firewood processors and spare parts.

Manufacturing tailored solutions for all our customers' forestry needs.