Our Managing Director first introduced Kesla machinery to the UK market back in 1991.

We helped create and, to this day, continue to help maintain Kesla's strong reputation within the UK forestry industry.

Our skilled engineers and dedicated after sales care and part service ensure your Kesla product is kept to it's optimum operator quality.

The Kesla product family covers all the work stages of timber harvesting and processing. 

Harvester Heads

Kesla offer a comprehensive range of both roller and stroke harvester heads.

Our highly experienced engineers are able to fit your Kesla Harvester Head to any excavator or tractor, as long as there is the necessary flows and pressure.


The proG range consists of a wide variety of grapples starting from 0,18 m2 to 0,5 m2.


Their optimal jaw geometery and durability allow the grapple to collect a full load whilst keeping the log straight and therefore enabling the timber to be piled easily. 


Kesla Loaders combine the latest technology with the highest quality materials. Kesla Loaders are designed to withstand heavy-duty professional use, making this product range one of the most advanced and reliable on the market.

Due to its combination of strength, reach and agility, the Kesla Loader is a multi-purpose machine suitable for all work in timber supply.

Truck Loaders

Kesla Truck Loaders are very economical and versatile - they can be installed on the truck or as a stationery application.

Throughout the range, incredible durability is provided by the powerful slewing systems, sturdy cylinder and large bearing surfaces.

The crane's hydraulic piping and hosing structures also enable great reaching abilities.

Timber Trailers

Kesla has one of the most extensive selection of Timber Trailers - there are 15 models, available from 8-14 tonne net loadings.

Kesla Timber Trailers offer genuine load-carrying capacity and are build to withstand extreme forest conditions.

The wide motion tandem axle, single beam frame and diverse tyre selection provide excellent handling characteristics in difficult terrain.



Kesla is a significant developer of forestry-related bioenergy solutions. 

Kesla Chippers offer high output and low fuel consumption, on all efficient energy wood, from branch wood to trunk timber. You can select the most suitable Chipper from the Kesla range, either as a trailer model or a truck-mounted model.

Daddy, mummy and baby forwarding trailers!

Kesla Cabin offers clear vision from all angles!

Kesla Cabin offers clear vision from all angles!

Forwarding trailers built to withstand heavy timber loads!

We can fit your Kesla loader to any machine to suit your needs!

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