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Palax D270 Active

Although small in dimensions, the Palax D270 Active is a robust, reliable and versatile machine. It can now go mobile when equipped with a transport platform, making transportation between sites easy. Additionally, the D270 can be powered by PTO, engine or electric motor to suit your processing needs.

The machine's 4 ton cylinder guarantees that the splitting force is more than sufficient while the 13" saw bar and chain provide fast and precise cutting of the log.

The infeed rollers make handling of the log easy. The protective net cover opens up completely to give easy access for maintenance.

Palax D270 Active Specifications

standard splitting wedge 2/0

weight 470/485/490kg

optional splitting

wedge 2/4

splitting force 

4 ton

sawbar 13"

max. diameter 27cm

cutting length


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