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Here at Caledonian Forestry Services Ltd we offer a wide selection of competitively priced new and used forestry machinery and firewood processors.

We select only the highest quality machinery and are the sole UK dealers for global market leaders such as Kesla and Palax.

Used machines are all fully reconditioned and tested before leaving our workshop to ensure premium quality and service always.

Some new arrivals from Kesla, fitted to customer specification by us and straight out for delivery!

New to Caledonian Forestry is the Naarva S23C Stroke Harvester Head with chainsaw!

Suitable for tractors and small excavators, this machine is one of the most user-friendly for felling, delimbing and cutting timber.

Here it is shown mounted on Inshewan Estate's Vimek 404T.

Customised Forestry Conversions

We specialise in the conversion of tractors and excavators for use in the forest; from simple forestry guarding to tractor mounted loaders.

With over 30 years experience in the forestry sector, we tailor each machine to your specific requirements, taking pride in offering the highest quality products and services at affordable prices.

Our Managing Director, Jim Watt, is constantly developing innovative systems for unique forestry outfits and timber trucks... allowing us to maximise operator experience and ensure our customers get the ultimate forest machine every time!

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UK Dealers for Leading Forestry Manufacturers


Kesla are the world's leading manufacturer of timber trailers for use with tractors.

Built to withstand heavy year-round use in the most climatic and operational conditions.

Each Kesla product must pass rigorous international quality, safety and practical performance tests, guaranteeing their efficiency and reliability exceeds expectations.

Kesla Loaders represent solid strength, reach and agility. 

Many of the structural solutions used in their loaders are based on heavy-duty truck and industrial cranes, making them an extraordinarily durable and long-lasting partner for forestry work.


watch the NEW Palax C1000 Firewood Processor at work!

Palax offers one of the most extensive range of Firewood Processors on the market! 

Whether you're a forest owner processing your own firewood, or a heavy duty professional, Palax Firewood Processors are available in a variety of design options to suit all your processing needs. They are available with circular saw or chain saw; and can be powered by tractor or electricity, in a combined model or with it's own engine. 

There is also a wide range of Accessories designed to enhance productivity of the Firewood Processor.

Palax C750, firewood processor, circular saw
Palax C1000, firewood processor, circular saw
Palax accessories, log deck

Superior design features of the Palax Firewood Processors:

  •  Carefully designed optimisation system dramatically increases productivity.

  •  The speed enhancing Power Speed Cylinder automatically generates the optimal speed and force required depending on the size of the log to be processed.

  •  The patented Palax Optimi System limits the stroke of the ram to your desired length of firewood.

  •  Superior design from cut-to-split makes processing trouble-free, ensuring time is not wasted re-positioning logs.

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